13…and some change…

I sit here before you smiling and rejoicing- My most dreaded day of training has came and went. With the half marathon less than two weeks away, I cranked out at 13 miler and a little change yesterday.

The insane thing about yesterday is that my 13 miler went faster than any of my other runs. Not only did I keep pace to PR the half, but I got to run beside two of my best buds Kimberly and Jodi (for the first 3). There is something powerful about running in groups of friends. I have many amazing friends, but my running friends get to know me in a way that most don’t. I guess this is what happens when you spend two hours plus next to someone. We get to update each other about our lives, talk about the weather, celebrate the small victories, and sometimes we get to be silent just enjoying the fresh air.

In LA, I was blessed to have an amazing running buddy Leanne. If it wasn’t for Leanne, I know I wouldn’t have been able to get through the LA Marathon. She was truly amazing and I miss her!

However, I was always a little envious of my friend Jess who had a steady group of running girls in her inner circle. I observed the camaraderie in this group and always wished that I could have. Well, I have finally got my wish. With our move to NJ, it just so happens that the vast majority of good girl friends are also distance runners, which is amazing.

So, how does one run 13 miles and some change? You have a great group of friends to push you through. Thanks chicas for an excellent run!


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