A reflection from Allison Nicholas…

As you all know, I have a lot to say, but every once in a while I find stories that others write or pass my way that deserve the spotlight.  Such is true with a story I came across via my friend and old colleague Jessica Nicholas.  Not only is Jessica a beautiful young woman, but she also has a passion for criminal justice issues and a heart of gold.  It seems that her sister Allison is following closely in Jessica’s footsteps.  Now to think about it, I’ve also met their mother and I think it is safe to say that awesomeness must be a genetic trait of the family.

Allison, GOTB volunteer extraordinaire, participated in this past Father’s Day GOTB event.  Please take some time to read the letter she wrote to the dads in response to her observations.  Especially with all the budget cutbacks, we must never lose sight of how important it is for children to have access to their parents no matter where they are.  Allison- thank you again for allowing me to showcase your heartfelt letter to the masses!

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