Advil: The Must Have for Any First-Time Home Buyer

Running is hard. Your muscles ache, your bones hurt, your body tires, and yes, this even happens when you are doing it right. So, why do I continue? For all the pain, there is definitely a larger gain- the satisfaction of accomplishment.
However, through my struggles, I have learned a quick fix. I have preached the good graces of my friend Advil for years. ┬áIt has allowed me to run further and faster, and even helped me to hobble out of bed the next day. However, I reserve my Advil exclusively for running. I have a high tolerance for pain and in my opinion most other activities don’t warrant the use of my good buddy.
And then…I bought a house. On our first day of real work, I cleaned the place from top to bottom, even hanging off of the shower rod to scrub the ceiling tiles. The next day, we raked the leaves in the backyard. I was unearthing things that probably hadn’t seen the light of day in years. After filling 10 bags full of leaves, I had to stop. Although we still had plenty of leaves, we were out of bags.
After I got home, I took a few steps and felt the familiar tingles of pain running through my body. I had to stop and think for a minute. I haven’t run in days because I was at the house doing work. How could I be sore? Then I put two and two together and realized that the work I did directly correlated to the soreness that I was experiencing.
So I broke my own rule and popped open the old and trusty Advil. Am I glad I did? MOST definitely. But I wish in all the millions of pieces of paper I had to sign at the house closing, that one of them would have mentioned the use of Advil was not only suggested, it was necessity for every new home owner.
So is it worth it? Absolutely. Despite the pain, I am going back tomorrow for more. However, this time I will be bringing some Advil with me!


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