And the word is NO….

A disciplined runner knows just how to push his/her limits, but in life sometimes it is just as difficult to know your limits.  One of the many things I am thankful for is that my 30 year old self has finally learned how to get out of a situation when a something good has gone bad or more often than not, when something that has been fishy from the start tips over the deep end.

Although I can’t write the book yet, I feel confident enough that I can at least offer a little advice to others who may be struggling with this very situation. Over the course of our lives, the word “no” has been part of our learning of what is right and wrong, childhood punishments, and rejections from (insert important life moments).

However, as easily as this word comes out of the mouths of our parents and in the form rejection letters that we get in the mail, this word is really hard for us to use in our everyday lives.  We are constantly trying to find ways to shield other peoples’ feelings so much so that we begin to harm ourselves.   Why are people (including me) so afraid to use the word “no” to protect themselves?  It is part of the English language for a reason, right?

During this past year, I’ve gotten to practice using the word “no” more frequently than I ever had before.  Now, I’m not saying that this is a good thing, to be honest, it is quite the contrary.  It never is a good thing to be in a situation that warrants you to bring out the fighting gloves.  However, the good part of it all is that I’ve been handed or shall I say drenched by a perfect storm of circumstances where saying “no” was the only feasible option.  Although it was hard at first, I’ve learned that I feel empowered when I am able to take control of my situation and I encourage you all to do the same.

By the way, if I paid a little more attention to television as a child, I may have acquired this skill.  As you will see from this video Big Bird, Elmo and even Maria got it down.  And the word is NO!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!


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