If you feel imprisoned, it’s time to break free…

With the job market being as topsy turvy as it is today, we have gone through many more jobs than generations past. Not only do we have more lines on our resume, but we’ve also had to be a bit more flexible and creative when searching.

If you are anything like me, your job experience has been anything but mundane. From accepting positions that I’ve been over qualified for to get my ‘foot-in-the-door’ with the hope that one day I’ll get the prized promotion to living for the weekends because being away from my job was the only glimmer of hope, I’ve seen it all or so I thought. Then, one day I found myself in one of the most horrendous work environments I’ve ever experienced. Being criticized every day, demoralized in public, and made to feel like I wasn’t even human. The culprit- my boss.

Work place abuse is no joke and although it is not widely discussed, many people experience it. When you are in this situation, you feel isolated and alone like no one cares. Although awful, having endured this has taught me a lot about myself which has carried over to other aspects of my life. Now this is a distant memory for me and I am so blessed to have a wonderful writing career and work with amazing people. However, in hopes of helping someone else, here are some of the things working for the devil taught me:

1. You are a gem. – No matter what you do, you were hired because you were the best person to do it. You have to believe that. You are talented and gifted and at one point, your boss felt this way too. He/she hired you, didn’t they?
2. Be kind to yourself.- If you are too hard on yourself, others will be too. Give yourself credit for things that you did to benefit the organization and forgive yourself for mistakes.
3. Advocate for yourself.– If you believe that you have been treated inappropriately, speak up. Of course, do this in the most professional way, pulling your boss aside privately. Two wrongs never make a right and you should never stoop to his/her level even though at times, you may want to.
4. Your health and well being are always number one.– If you remember nothing else, please remember this. If you are enduring a situation that is affecting your health, you need to get out immediately. Your boss and your job are worthless if your health is compromised. Do not try to stick it out, you have nothing to prove and the only person who will suffer is you.
5. Know when to spread your wings.– You’ve tried addressing issues professionally with your boss and have been proactive in finding ways to work better together and things are still not improving? It may be time for you to break loose from your prison cell and take your talents elsewhere.

Until next week, be well!


  1. Tanya Savko

    How awful that you endured this, but I think it’s great that you’re turning it into a teaching tool. And I agree – health and well-being are always number one!

    • Maria Palmer

      Thanks Tanya!!


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