Feelin’ a Lil’ Hamsterlike…

I remember last year I called my sister to ask her to join me running the L.A. Marathon, which is in March.   Although she appreciated the offer, she quickly declined telling me that it isn’t fun to train during the winter (even though this year she is now finishing her training for the Austin marathon in 2 weeks ;p).  I thought at first that this sounded like a well-crafted excuse, but now I am understanding exactly what she is saying.  Winter training is no fun especially this winter when it seems we get a large storm every week!  However, keep your eye on the prize my friends and heed in my advice to make it more doable.

1.  Join a gym.  I know this can be a little hefty on the pocket book and also sweating next to a perfect stranger is not ideal, but don’t be a martyr.  Although you may think that you can do all of your training outside, your joints and you body definitely disagree- TRUST ME!
2.  Switch it up.  Straight running on a treadmill can be monotonous and incredibly boring.  Do some cross training.  Take advantage of trying a spin class, which is a great substitute for a speed work out; a strength and core workout, which will not only strengthen your body but will help with stabilization so you won’t lose balance in your next race; or the stair machine, which could double as a hill workout.
3.  Play lots of mind games.  This helps no matter where or when you are training.  When I am running for a very long distance, I just break it up one mile at a time.  I don’t worry about the total until I am done.  Thinking about the whole is scarier than any of the parts.  For example when I run 5 miles, it takes a little less than 50 min (48.12 this weekend to be exact ;).  I think of it as running 10 minute intervals, 5 times.  It is exactly the same but for some reason, it seems so much more manageable when I think of it this way.
4.  Work out with a friend. Not only is this great for accountability, the gift of gab makes the time go by very fast and it intensifies your cardio workout.  I miss Leanne (my runner partner) for this!  If you are better solo, load up the musical device of your choice with music that is energizing to you.

Happy Running!!

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