Fellow Pavement Pounders Rob and Sandra Burley

For those of you who avidly read my blog, you may remember me talking about Sandra.  Sandra is one of my best friends from college and not only is she fabulous in every way, but she is also the person responsible for introducing Joe and I.  This makes her doubly amazing in my book!

She and her husband Rob are some of the most amazing and kind people I’ve ever met.  They would put anyone ahead of themselves.  This is why I was not surprised at all when Sandra called me a few months back and told me that she decided to participate in a 100 mile bike race for Team in Training benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  They trained, blogged and fundraised for the organization and soon after crossing the finish line, instead of having a glass of champagne, they signed up for another race.  This time the half marathon.

I was honored to have been able to attend Sandra and Rob’s first training run with them in D.C. last month.  Before the race, we heard from two young people whose had suffered from blood cancers and heard them tell their stories about how coming to training runs to watch the runners inspired them and helped them to cope with all of their treatments.

As we ran that morning, I got a chance to talk to many of the coaches and the people involved and so many of them had a personal story about why they decided to help.  Sandra and Rob, in particular, are running in honor of Sandra’s step mother who has struggled with blood cancer for a very long time.

Sandra invited me last week to write a guest blog on her fundraising website.  I would invite all of you to not only read my story, but to reach out to Sandra and Rob congratulating and encouraging them and if your spirit and budget allows, give to their cause as this is both of their first half marathons.  Sandra and Rob, I am so proud of both of you!  Keep on running!!



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