Gearing Up for 2013- Here’s what you need to make your workout complete.

The New Year is here and if you are anything like me, you’ve enjoyed your holiday to the max and now your pants are fitting a little tighter and your wallet has some extra space.

What better time than now to become a runner! But, before you sprint into 2013, here is my list of things to live with and without.


1. A Fitted Pair of Running Shoes- I am a big fan of discounts, but when it comes to your feet NEVER EVER EVER take the cheap option. I recommend finding a local running store. The best places will measure your feet, watch you run, and spend time talking about your goals. They will also tell you how many miles you can run before it is time to replace.
2. Light Weight Weather Appropriate Clothing- I loathe carrying my own weight around let alone running with extra pounds of heavy clothing. However, caring for extremities in the cold is a must and warm stuff doesn’t have to be heavy. Each year I hear about runners getting frostbite on their ears and fingertips and they are surprised when it happens because “they weren’t even that cold.” Bundle up folks.
3. A Running Buddy- Want to kick your workout into high gear? Elicit the help of someone else. In my opinion, a running buddy is non-negotiable. Not only will this help with your level of motivation and commitment, but talking while running increases your cardio levels. Don’t be surprised if you gain an extra friend out of it too!

If, and only if, you want to splurge:
1. A GPS Watch- Although my stories of my navigational challenges have become entertaining tales during these mishaps, I wasn’t as pleased. GPS watches are great investments to not only map out routes, but to help you keep at your goal pace.
2. A Hydration System- I would only invest in one of these if you are training for a half marathon or more. You want to make sure that you get a system that sits comfortably on your waist/shoulders and that it is easy to clean.

Stay Away:
1. Cotton- This is not your friend. When you sweat, cotton sticks. Hence, it will make you lose body heat faster while creating blisters and chafing. Wear a fabric that has wicking qualities.
2. Propel- I love Propel so much that it hurts me to say this, but if you are doing some serious mileage, you need salt. Supplement water with gatorade or G2.
3. Caffeine- Starbucks is a must, but wait until you are done running or you will be doing some running which will stop at the bathroom. Trust me on this one.

Happy Running in 2013!!


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