Going to prison (for a good reason)…

So my biggest news is that I am going to be going to Taconic Women’s Prison, but not because I have been naughty!  I was offered a fulltime job working as the Family Services Director for Hour Children, www.hourchildren.org.  As I have posted about this organization before, Hour Children does amazing things to help strengthen relationships with incarcerated women and their children.  Led by a Sr. of St. Joseph (yes, that’s right another nun), Sr. Theresa Fitzergerald, Hour Children provides services for women and children from the moment they are arrested throughout their entire lives.  The amazing things is her programs are working.  She is one of the only programs proven to cut the recidivism rate for women and the help women create long lasting relationships with their children.  She not only provides services inside the prison, but follows the women as they get out to provide housing and employment assistance.

The focus of the organization is simple- lots of love and compassion.  My role is going to be overseeing all the operations and programs of Hour Children at the women’s prison.  They have a nursery, where women spend up to a year with their infants, and many other children’s services including story book recording sessions, birthday celebration and probono lawyer advocacy.  They also have many programs for the women including parenting and other skills that help them through the rehabilitation process.  One of the things I am very excited about is inviting the community to get involved.  There are many volunteer opportunities.  I would like to invite you all to be a part of them!

Happy Monday 🙂


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