Helping the children from the inside out…Tonight’s Scales of Justice Topic

Just a reminder to all my readers, tonight is my Scales of Justice show and it is going to be awesome.  Our topic as always is how to help the children.  This month we have an inside/outside, east coast/west coast vibe with our two guests.

Dawn Davison is the former Warden of California Institute for Women.  She is an amazingly progressive thinker when it comes to programming for women in prison and reuniting them with their families.  Gigi Breland, who was my September guest and who I have talked about several times on my blog, served 29 years at CIW and when Dawn retired she said that “Dawn was truly a gem and would be missed by all the women at the women.”  This really struck me because normally people in prison and the Warden of the prison naturally clash, but in Dawn’s case, she would walk the yard almost daily talking and greeting the women.

Sharon Content is the Founder and Executive Director of Children of Promise in Brooklyn NY.  She came along the path of helping children of incarcerated parents after she realized that many of the at risk children that she was serving in her previous positions all had a parent in prison.  She set up her agency to serve the Bedford Stuyesant section.  She has a mentor program, an afterschool program and a summer camp.

Shirley and I are really excited for our guests and hope that you will tune in tonight at 6 pm- 7 pm PST/ 9 pm- 10 pm EST.  Below are the instructions:

1.  Go to
2.  On the right hand side of the page under Channel 2, click “listen live.”

As always, I will post the archive on my blog after the show.  However, this is one that I wouldn’t miss!!


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