I get by with a little help from my friends…

For those of you who have never trained for a marathon, let me share with you the recipe.  It is a true process.  You combine short runs 3-4 miles two-three times a week with one long run on the weekend.  Thinking about running 26.2 miles alone is enough to send anyone into a tizzy.  It is just a much a mental game as a physical one.  It is all about building up endurance and pushing through the obstacles.  Sounds a little like life, huh?

That said, if you are interested in tracking my training more specifically, you can follow the link on the right hand side of the blog titled, “Map My Run”.  Here you can learn about when I am running and how my training is coming in a bit more detail.  You can also feel free to comment if you think I am slipping up a bit ;p.

So now back to the story of the day… I did my first long run of 6 miles.  Today coincidentally was also the California International Marathon (CIM).  As you may have read in my first entry, one year ago today I was running that 26.2 mile dash with the best supporters in the world my husband Joe, my girl and running mentor Jess and my mom Donna.  I remember around mile 18 I dropped behind my 4:30 pace group and felt defeat surge through my body.  By mile 21, I was starting to lose hope and feeling in my limbs due to the sharp pains running through my body.  At that time, I thought about giving up and quitting and let me tell you, I really wanted to and my knees and my feet still wish I had ;p.  However, Jess, the same girl who encouraged me to do the marathon, refused to give up on me now.  I was at my weakest hour and I had thrown in the towel, but she was there for me and she literally stood beside me making sure that I crossed the finish line.  She accepted me at my darkest hour for that I am forever grateful.  This is the true definition of a friend.

Now one year later, as I was running on the beach with my running partner Leanne, I had that same thought of giving up and thinking this is too hard and I am too (insert any demeaning adjective here) to do the marathon.  However, every time I thought of quitting, Leanne pushed me just as Jess had one year ago.  Not only did she push me not to stop, but she pushed me to go faster.  Believe it or not, we finished our 6 mile run today doing 10:40 miles.  At this pace, my goal of 4:30 (12 minutes faster than last year) is completlely doable. 

Today, you have all become my supporters.  For that, I feel blessed and on that note, I would like to write a special note of thanks to Joe’s Aunt Barbara and Uncle Arnold for being my first donation.  I really am touched by your support and Joe thanks you too. 

Thanks again to everyone!  You are all amazing and I am blessed to have you in my life. 

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  1. Leanne

    Maria.. you are an amazing spirt and soul! You did soooo great today! You never stopped and kept going, and I admire that about you. Let's continue to push eachother and we'll make that 4:30 time! 🙂


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