I’m think getting the fever back…

After a whirlwind of pure exhaustion for the past two months, I am starting to clear my mind and take a little time for reflection, which is always a scary thing for me.  I’ve given much thought to all of our events and I find it incredible that we were able to bring over 1100 minor children on 70 buses from every major city in California to see their parents in 7 different prisons!  As you have all read, I have been touched by the stories of the families this year, the kindness of the volunteers, supporters and donors and the generosity of my staff and the CDCR staff to pull it all together. 

I’ve done so much time and reflection about the events that when I typed in the IP address to this blog and saw the word “running”, I got that distant nostaligic feeling.  You know the feeling that you get when you see an old friend’s name from high school, but you haven’t spoken with the person in 10 years?  You wonder how that person is doing, but in a sense thinking too much time has gone past to contact them. Well, maybe it isn’t that bad for me and my dear friend running, but it has felt like forever, which got me thinking…

Now let me be completely honest, it isn’t like I haven’t been running at all.  I have been doing a ton of cross and hill training in the morning with my Runyon Romp group.  My running has just taken a little different shape in the past few months.  After the marathon, I did what every runner does, I took “a little time off.”  However, the difference between me and most runners is that time away makes me want to not run but play ;p.  For the first couple of weeks, I used running the marathon as a justification and a prize for my noncompliance.  Anything that I did, didn’t do or wanted to do I was in my mind okay because “I just ran a freakin’ marathon.”

In addition due to my events, I was on the road more than I was home and I wasn’t getting much sleep.  When faced with the choice, I chose sleep.  During this time, my running partner and friend Leanne moved out of our building.  For those of you who know me, you know that I am a people person.  I am even more of a people person when it comes to running because I need someone to hold me accountable for my running or lack thereof. 

However, before I blame my sorrows on Leanne (j/k), I also learned a valuable part of who I am through all of this… I am a goal oriented person.  I need something to work toward or I just don’t work.  This is the trick to all of my accomplishments. 

Shortly after this lightbulb came on, I got a call from my friend Kimberly, otherwise known as “NYC Hubby”, as we lived together in Astoria.  She had recently run her first half marathon in Nashville and she was starting to consider her next race.  I always knew that Kimberly was smart, but when she said that I had an “Ah Ha” moment followed by an “Oh Crap” moment.  In order to keep on advancing your acheivements as a runner, you have to be working toward a goal.  She then planted a bug in my ear asking me to consider running the Rock’N Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon with her in mid September?  Hmm…. So the question on the table is, “To run or not to run?”  Leave your thoughts below.


  1. Joe


  2. Kimberly

    I'm not sure I'm allowed to vote, but me, Jonathan, B, and Snoop D. all vote "aye" for running!!! 😉 I'm considering raising money for Operation Military Embrace if you want to join!!

  3. David

    Per our conversation this afternoon, "do it, do it, do it!!"
    and thanks for doing the training with me while we are doing our trek across the badlands and p'burgh!!
    We'll also have to run together during Philly!!!!!

  4. Maria Costanzo Palmer

    🙂 How can I say no now!

  5. Herma Robinzine

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