Justice for Billy is Served!

Today is a very special day for a good friend and former colleague Jessica Nicholas. I met Jessica through my work at Get On The Bus. At the time, Jessica was a beautiful college girl whose passion for helping others is contagious. Jessica has a way of making people feel special through her genuine compassion for others. I was able to sense this the first time we met.

I had heard about Jessica, well, I should say her story through a nun (big surprise, right?). The nun told me that she had met a lovely young woman who was coming to terms with the incarceration of her boyfriend Billy Moon. Billy came from an amazing family and the two made a dynamic couple beautiful both inside and out. I must say that neither of them are bad to look at either. They have a striking resemblance to Ken and Barbie.

However, on one unfortunate night Billy got into a car accident that would change their story from a fairy tale to a nightmare. In the car accident, Billy lost his best friend. Two years later, he was charged with second degree murder and sentenced to serve time in a Northern California jail.

Upon our first meeting, I never knew that this young woman was the same Jessica that Sr. Claire had told me about. What I did notice about Jessica immediately was that she was willing to go the extra mile. She always put everyone else first. She was a super volunteer organizing restaurant fundraisers, visiting families, coordinating travel, sitting and planning. There was nothing that she wouldn’t do for the kids and their fathers. I also later learned that she ran support groups inside the prisons for men volunteering her free-time in between work and school to make a difference.

Still to this day we keep in touch which I am grateful. She is one of those people that I love talking to because she inspires me. At such a young age, she has done and continues to do so much to help others. She does so out of the kindness of her heart. She motivates me to want to do better and be better.

After four long years, her own personal nightmare has ended and I am happy to say that Billy Moon was released at midnight last night. I couldn’t be happier for Jessica and Billy. Although I haven’t talked to Jessica yet, I did see that in true Cali style there first stop was In-And-Out Burger. Good choice!

Congratulations to you both! May you begin the start of your lives together leaving the past behind you, but remembering that those moments made you who you are today. Justice for Billy has finally been served.


  1. Justin Linkey

    I am very happy to hear that Billy has been released and wish him and Jessica the best. Although I barely know Jessica, she seems like a great girl, and has been by his side from the very beginning. This accident caught the attention of everyone in the small town of Auburn, and impacted many people including myself. I was friends with Billy at the time, and knew Stewart a little bit as well. They were both great young guys, with immense talent and a positive outlook on life. It was a tragedy to say the least, and it broke my heart to see that happen to such great guys. It is a constant reminder to myself, as well as others I’m sure, the consequences of drinking and driving. I will never forget the phone call I recieved from Billy the night of the accident. We were going to get together, but it didn’t work out. I could only imagine what would have happened. I could of ended up in the car with them, or maybe I could have prevented it. I will never know the answer, but I do know, that I learned a very valuable lesson. I saw this article and couldn’t help but say something. I was overwhelmed with happiness to hear that Billy can finally be back with the ones he loves. I was wondering if anyone knows how to get in contact with Billy. I have lost touch with him since his incarceration and would love to speak with him again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Maria

      Hi Justin,

      Thank you so much for your note. This is amazing and so why I love having this blog. I got a hold of Jessica (Billy’s girlfriend) and he would love to reconnect with you. I have passed along your e-mail to her, but I am also waiting for her to get back to me regarding his information, which I will pass along to you!

      Maria 🙂


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