Kickin’ Up Some Dust…

Between a girls’ night dinner, a cooking marathon and the Superbowl, I had a fairly eventful weekend. Through it all, I had one big thing lingering over my head: an 8-mile run. I managed to put it off Friday, Saturday and even a bit on Sunday morning as extra sleep took precedence.

However, after my drawn out morning routine which included having a progressive breakfast, making sure that my body was covered in Glide so I didn’t experience any chafing, and trying on 3 different running outfits (which I don’t even do when I go out for the evening), I realized that I couldn’t put off the inevitable anymore.

I hoped into my car and drove the 7 miles to my normal run spot. I while I was driving, I realized that I would be running the length of my drive plus another mile, which wasn’t too comforting. It was then that I decided that I was going to have to play a mind game to get myself through this run.

Hmmm, 8 miles- Most people would run 4 miles and then turn around and come back to equal 8. However, I wasn’t really liking the sound of running 4 miles straight without turning around and secondly, I’m not like most people.

Thus, I used my math rules and I figured out that 8 miles could also equal 2 miles+ 2 miles+ 2 miles+ 2 miles. Genius! I decided that I would run out two miles and then run back to the start and then repeat. Now I don’t know why but once I figured this out, I actually got excited about my run. I also found that doing 8 miles this way didn’t seem as taxing or as long.

While I was on the course, I found that other runners must have liked this theory as well. There was one man that I passed in the opposite direction four times. On the fourth time, we both realized that the other was running a good bit of distance and we high-fived.

I was feeling great during the run and even though I forgot my watch, I knew that I was going at a good pace because I passed people and I was not passed.

Well, at least not until mile 7.6. I noticed a high school student with a cross-country sweatshirt and some short shorts coming up on my left. She passed me; however, I decided to not let her lead gain. Then once I got to the 7.8 marker, I took off.

Granted this chick is half my age so it took me another tenth of a mile to catch her and at about 7.95 miles, I passed her and kept my lead until the end. As soon as I stopped, I was so frazzled by the over-exertion that I accidentally dropped my drink, which she almost tripped over. Although she gave me a dirty look, I walked away with a smile. My 30-year-old self had smoked a teenager after I had just run 8 miles. Wow!!!


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