Life is full of happenstance…

So yesterday I was driving home from work contemplating whether or not it would be a good idea to go to the chiropractor?  Correction, it is always a good idea for me to go to the chiropractor; however, sometimes after a long day I just don’t have the energy to drive there. 

After coming down the Laurel Canyon hill and realizing that Joe was tied up working for the night, I made the decision to go.  As I made a right hand turn onto Sunset Blvd, I looked at the bumper-to-bumper traffic and started to regret my decision.  I could see up ahead that they blocked off a lane for construction on the busiest street in LA during rush hour.  Brilliant!

As I was lamenting in my car listening to some country music, I heard a crash and felt my car jolt on the left side.  Crap, now my day has gone from bad to worse.  I am still sitting in traffic and now my car just got hit.  I was ready to just go home and call it a night and let my dreams of having my back realigned fade like the sun in the sky.

We pulled over to have the ackward conversation that two people do when an accident occurs.  After I got out of my car to check out the damage, which was very minimal, I learned that the person who hit my car appeared to be a pretty nice person.  We exchanged info and he instructed me to get an estimate for my car and then to give him a call, which is what I did.

He sent me a very nice e-mail exchange and of course, I used the opportunity to tell him about Get On The Bus.  He has already visited this blog and is also a runner who was contemplating running the LA Marathon this year.  By profession, he is a lawyer and is willing to offer some pro bono services for our GOTB families if necessary.  If this doesn’t categorize as “only Maria”, I just don’t know what else does.

As I was relying this story to Suzanne today, she just started laughing about how unbelievably unbelievable this happenstance was.  Her response though was classic, “Wow Maria, you need to get hit more often.”  Let’s hope this is not the case.   


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