My Guardian Angel…

I’m still missing my Gram terribly, but I’m feeling reassured that she is right here with me.  I am certain of this not only by all the eerie things that have been happening throughout this past week, but also through everyday situations which have not otherwise been planned.  One of my final memories with her was watching the Steeler’s game and on Wednesday evening, Kelly received a call from her friend asking her if he knew of anyone who would want to go to the Steelers/Browns game?

So on Thursday, my mom and I attended our first Steeler’s game.  At the half time show when Rusted Root, a native Pittsburgh band, came out and sang their hit song “Send Me On My Way,” it felt as though it was her giving us a message from up above.  The tears came, but also I was able to smile knowing how happy she must be being united with loved ones that have passed before us.

On Friday when we left Pittsburgh for Baltimore to attend the wedding of Joe’s best friend (Steve Kaplan), I was also a bit nervous.  Weddings are such happy occasions and I was feeling a little less than joyful to say the least.  As we drove down to Baltimore, I was trying to figure out how I would occupy my day as Joe would be busy doing groomsmanly duties with Steve.  It wasn’t that there weren’t options available for me and people there I could meet, which Joe would have been happy to arrange; however, I just wasn’t feeling incredibly social and didn’t really have the energy.

I decided that I would probably spend my day in the hotel lobby catching up on e-mails until I received a text which I’m sure was sent from above.  “Good Morning Maria, when are you coming this way again?  I hope I didn’t miss you.  I would love to see you so when you have a free moment give me a call.”

It was Stella* my old Get On The Bus friend.  She had recently moved to the DC area and when we chatted a few weeks ago prior to anything happening, I told her that I would be heading down to DC this weekend for the wedding. In the midst of everything, I had forgotten all about calling her and trying to connect with her for the day.

As we exchanged texts back and forth and I told her all about my week, we had both decided that it was fate that brought us together.  She had agreed that we needed to hang out for the day and this is what she had written to me prior to us getting together:

“Well, you know my philosophy Maria, God knows just what we need and just when we need it and his heart is full of Holy Hook-ups for us!…  I don’t know what to say, but God be the Glory and I just seek to please him with my life…  Whether you know it or not, effortlessly you have blessed the lives of so many (including my own).  I told you that I would never forget what you and Get On The Bus did for my boys. You have no idea how much of an Honor that God is allowing me (of all people) to share and comfort you today.”

At about 1:00 pm on Friday, after almost 2 years of not seeing one another, I hopped into Stella’s* van and we went on a drive.  We exchanged tears of joy, sorrow and pain (as she too had recently lost her brother), but we had a camaraderie that many people can’t understand.  We met through a challenging time in her life and through it we became friends and now when I needed a shoulder, she was the one there for me.

Thank you does not begin to express how blessed I have felt by her presence and the presence of my friends and family.  Just as Stella* said to me years ago, “your kindness does not go unnoticed.  I will never forget what you all have been doing for me and my family.”

*Names have been changed.


  1. Michael Hebler

    Sounds like the best of an unpleasant situation. I'm happy to hear Stella* was there for you.

  2. Maria Costanzo Palmer

    Michael, it really was. I still owe you a call, which I will return today!!


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