My Tear Jerker on the Way to Brooklyn…

So I think you have all heard the phrase, “There’s no crying in baseball.” I think there should be an additional phrase, “There’s no crying in New York.” In L.A., I was able to mask my emotions via hiding inside my car, but in New York this can be a challenge. You are constantly brushing up people that you don’t know and there is not one moment of feeling like you have any privacy.

Upon waiting for the G train to Brooklyn, I made the tragic error of checking my phone messages. I got a voicemail from my former colleague Karen that made the tear ducts flow. She had just got off the phone with Robert, a bus coordinator from the San Gabriel Valley. He recounted a story that happened to him in church on Sunday…

A familiar looking face approached Robert on Sunday after church. He came up and shook his hand and introduced himself. He said to Robert, “Thank you for bringing my kids to me for all of these years when I was down and out in prison. I just got out of CMC and now my kids and I will be coming to your church every Sunday. You have helped us more than you could ever know. Now, we would like to help you so what can we do?”

I had to hang up the phone at that point because I was overcome with emotion. Not only is this so rare, but this is an example of the world coming back into harmony. We always hear bad news, but this good news struck me more. Now as for the people around me, did they think I was weird crying on the subway platform? Probably, but did I care? Not so much. Maybe I am starting to become more of a New Yorker than I thought. ;p


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