Getting Out: A Cure for a Bad Case of the Mondays

At 3:33 am, our dog Maya decided that she needed to make her presence known. She has an occasional nightly bark fest and although we never figure out quite why, she is determined. It normally starts with a bocking chicken noise then it gradually turns into a loud bark and she culminates her grievance with a whine. It is a quite a lovely sound in the middle of the night especially if you are in a deep sleep. She finally began to calm.

As I rolled over with a pillow over my head, the next thing I knew, the alarm was going off. It was 5 am and time for my husband to get ready to go on a business trip. He was sound asleep so I reached around to wake him. The first attempt was unsuccessful so I figured, I better not fall back asleep until I knew he was up for good. He got up and the morning person he was not, stumbled to get to the bathroom. Every time I tried to fall back asleep I heard something fall or him bump into something. Okay, I was up.

Any of this sound familiar? Chalk it up to a regular case of the Mondays. However, how do you turn around a Monday that seems to have gotten out-of-hand before the sun is up? The answer: a little fresh air and a good friend.

As my running partner Jodi was away on vacation last week, I picked up solo runs and some training runs with Maya. Although both were great, there’s nothing like going with a human to motivate you.

As we stepped out on our course, the air was crisp, the wind was definitely blowing and I was considering reconsidering. However, just like any other time, I made the effort to get past the first mile marker, then the second and pretty soon, we were on the downturn of our run. It felt great to have accomplished something on a day that I had already written off. So next time you are ready to throw in the towel consider tying up your running shoes and calling up a friend. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Be well everyone!!!

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  1. Tanya Savko

    Being a fellow non-morning person, this definitely sounds like a painful awakening! But I agree that getting the blood flowing is a great way to help yourself face the day better : )


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