Without a parachute or a net…

For a while, I’ve been toying with the idea of committing to another substantial race. Although 5K’s and 10K’s are no measly accomplishments, I’ve wanted and needed a bit more of a challenge.

However, every time I was on the verge of committing, I had a flashback of my training for the Philly Rock’N Roll Half Marathon last year.  Now, I know what you are thinking, “Hmmm, I don’t remember Maria writing much about this.”

You are correct because due to a fluke that occurred after a run two summers ago, I never ran it.  I had been running on the path below the Santa Monica Pier and I decided to sprint up the steps to culminate my run.  I felt great even while I was sprinting and then I stopped and instantly, I had experienced some of the worst pain I’ve felt in my feet.  It was so intense that I, in fact, began instantly limping, which attracted some unwanted attention from passer-bys.

If you’ve ever had an experience like this, you know how embarrassing it can be.  You definitely don’t want to draw attention to yourself, but the more you try to “fake” that you are okay, the more people really wonder if you are.  It is also one of those schadenfruede times except you are the person people just don’t want to be.

After I went home, I hobbled around for the next few days and I went to a new podiatrist.  Unfortunately, my insurance had changed so I couldn’t see Dr. Nejat, who specialized in sports-related injuries and also had a soft spot for distance runners as his wife was one. I loved going to Dr. Nejat because not only was he a great doctor, he also knew how insane us runners can be and he embraced this insanity.  He would try his best to find the most comprehensive solution all while trying his best to preserve my training schedule.

Thus, there I was in the office of this new guy.  He took x-rays, looked at my feet and said, “How did you even walk in here?  You are pretty messed up.”

Crap, definitely not what I wanted to hear.  Joe was in the office with me and he asked his normal slew of questions to the doctor, but there was only one question on my mind.  “Dr., will I be able to run the Philly Half Marathon? ”

There was a definite pause of silence and then he laughed.  Not just a chuckle, he really laughed.  I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but let me reassure you, it is not comforting.  I soon realized that my dreams of the Philly Half had disappeared.

The other crucial person on my training team was my chiropractor Dr. Carrie Schwartz.  I had a plan of taking her in my suitcase when we moved.  However, for some strange reason, she wasn’t so gung-ho about being locked up in a suitcase for 3,000 miles.

So here I am, without a parachute and a net about to embark on training for the D.C. Rock’N Roll Half Marathon in March.  Am I scared?  A little.  However, the risk of doing this outweighs the fear.  Not only am I pumped to be back in training mode, but I will be running along side of my good friend Kimberly Conon and God-willing, I will be able to see both Rob and Sandra Burley cross the finish line for their first half marathon.  Stay tuned for more training stories.



  1. Kimberly

    I am so excited!!! It’s going to be an amazing experience for a great cause. Can’t wait!!!!

    • Maria

      Kimberly me too and to know that we are running it together is all the more exciting for me!!! Whao!

  2. Jack Sucharski

    I enjoy your piece of work, regards for all the interesting articles .


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