Plantar fas-whatis?

As I spoke about in my last blog entry, life has a way of throwing me many curve balls.  However, I think my curve balls have a short term memory because it seems that I have had a lot lately.  I am on week two of my training for the Philly Half and I have been experiencing lots of pain especially in the right arch of my foot.  The root of my problem is a reoccurring issue called Plantar Fasciitis, which essentially is a weakness in the muscles that run through the bottom part of your foot.  When these muscles weaken, your tendons can detach from your foot, which I endured during the training for my first marathon.

Now to explain what this feels like, imagine stepping on a sharp object right around where the arch of your foot is every time you take a step.  Ouch right?  Although it is not at all pleasant, the good news is that since I have had it before, I was able to quickly diagnose what it was.  I have also started some home remedies with icing and taking some Advil.  On Monday, I will be going to my doctor to get a referral to a podiatrist.  I think the root of the problem is my prescription orthotics for my shoes may have worn out in the past couple of years.  I am also going to get a new pair of kicks to see what that does.

Okay enough humming and hawing.  Want to hear some good news?  Of course you do that’s why I am told many of you follow my blog.  The good news is that even in spite of my foot pain, I am getting faster!  Last week’s long run, I did 5 miles in 51 minutes flat.  Today I did 6 miles in 60 minutes flat.  I am still a long way from my goal, but I am celebrating the small victories literally one step at a time!  Love to everyone until next time…

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