Putting the Word Running Back in my Title

So, I have been telling a lot of little ancedotal stories lately about this that and the other, but the runners have been saying, “What about us? Maria, you made us take up this sport that many of us don’t even like and now you have abadoned us on your blog?”

Dear runners, this one’s for you. After a long hiatus due to feet injuries (including a recent broken toe I acquired by walking into a wall), a cross country move and partial laziness, I did something that I didn’t think I was able to do. Yesterday, I strapped on my running shoes and used them to run!

When I went to the Ridgewood Duck Pond, I had a modest goal: to run around 4 miles at a very slow pace to make sure I didn’t reinjure myself. When I got out there, it couldn’t have been a better day to run. It was about 70 degrees, the wind was blowing slightly and I was running through the trees, which have started to change color.

The thing that I like most about this spot is that it gives you mile markers every .1 mile. For all the runners, you know how much of a mental game running is. For me, having the markers so frequently not only does it make me focus more on my goal, it also helps with making me think that I am accomplishing more just by having more milestones. Crazy, eh?

So when I jaunted out on the trail, I started by saying, “Okay I will go 2 miles and turn around.” However, when I got to mile 1.7, I wasn’t out of breathe and my body was feeling good and I decided to make the executive decision to go 2.5 miles instead.

Although I took it really light until the last mile where I pushed it to my normal pace, I finished feeling a lot better than I usually do. I was able to walk to the car and today I am not even sore. This is amazing news because next weekend I am running the Pittsburgh Great Race 10K. Months ago, one of my good friends David has asked me to accompany him during his first 10K ever, which of course I feel honored to do. I almost had to cancel, but I am very confident (knock on wood) that I am in good enough shape to do this (even though David may leave me in his dust).


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