So for all my non runners, when you hear the word “R.I.C.E”, you probably think of it as a complement to your favorite Asian dish.  However, when you are a runner, the word, “R.I.C.E” is one that you dread.  Normally at the point of injury you start to think, “Hmm, maybe my (insert body part) is just cramping up and I just need to run through this.  It will feel better.”

Then about one mile after the initial sign of pain, you think, “Hmm, it still hurts, but no pain, no gain and I only have (insert absurd number of miles) left.  I can’t stop now.”

And then when you do stop and instead of it feeling better, it feels worse, which in turn further proves to you that continuing with your run was a wise choice cause when you stop, this is the consequence.  You hobble to your car as fellow pedestrians ask you if you are okay?  Winded and in immense pain, you stammer, “Of course, this is always how I look right after a run.”  What a liar you are!

On your way home, you still have a confident feeling that once you get an episom salt bath, a take a few Advil and sit on your couch, you will feel like new again.  And then, that doesn’t happen.  In your last resort, you break out the frozen peas and start the “R.I.C.E.” process (rest, ice, compress, elevate).

Oh how I hate the word “R.I.C.E”!  Not only do I hate it for the defeat it represents, I also hate it for the pea juice that melts onto my floor during the icing process.  The only thing worse than having to “R.I.C.E” yourself is to have someone else tell you that you got to “R.I.C.E.”.  When it is only you in on the secret, your injury doesn’t feel as real, but when others say, “Wow, it looks as if your left ankle is all swollen up, you got to go home and “R.I.C.E”,” you just want to crawl up in a hole.

So that people is where I am right now.  I went to my new favorite running store yesterday Arch and Sole on La Brea and I finally came to accept the fate of my injuries when both of the runners helping me repeatedly used the “R” word.  I have been really easing up this past week but with my left Akiles swollen and both my plantar flacia bones flaring up, I will be out at least until the end of this week when I get an appointment with the podiatrist.

As I always say, life as in running isn’t always beautiful, but it truly is a beautiful ride or in my case, run.  Hopefully, I will have some better news at the end of the week.  🙂


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    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Maria Costanzo Palmer

    Thanks chica. Love you!

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