Running Over My 20-Something Times…

Upon blowing out my candles on my 30th birthday, my running friends gave me a warning: Some things may start to go south including your mile splits. At the time, I shrugged off the comment thinking it was an attempt to make me feel a little better. I mean how could simply entering a new age bracket give me a better time?

They all swore that women in their 30’s are overall faster than women in their 20’s. I was less than convinced, but in the back of my mind I was hoping that there might be some truth to this. For years, I have trained and cross-trained and then trained some more. Although my body could withstand the distance, I have struggled to shave even seconds off of my time. It has been a frustrating reality.

However, I am starting to become a believer. It may be completely by coincidence, but thus far, my 30’s have been the absolute peak of my running. I have watched my mile times go down by almost 2 minutes. The crazy thing is that not much aside from my age has changed in my running regime. I probably actually am running less now than I was before.

I was never a “good” runner by any stretch of the imagination, but I have now become fairly competitive at least over the short (5K and 10K) distances. Yesterday, I ran the Ho-Ho-Kus 5K, the same race I PR’ed last year and I knocked almost a full 2 minutes off of my time. I finished in 25:48 (8:18 splits). For the first time ever, I placed in a race!!! I was 6th in my age bracket out of 80 people. Whao!! So ladies, the moral of the story is that there are many things to celebrate in your 30’s. Until next time, enjoy your runs!


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