Running Toward the Light…

It’s 6:00 am on a Monday. The alarm rings and it jolts my body, but my brain isn’t ready to compute. I check the time hoping that my smart phone has made a mistake. It seems way too early and way too dark to be 6:00 am.

Crap, the smart phone is once again smarter than me. I go to press snooze and a barely audible voice next to me belonging to my husband says, “Don’t make your alarm go off again.”

Begrudgingly, I roll out of bed. I tip-toe into the bathroom in the dark being careful not to wake anyone else at this hour. The dog lets out a sigh letting me know that my intent has been unsuccessful. I have interrupted her beauty rest and now I must repay her with some breakfast.

I turn on the bathroom light keeping my eyes partially closed. Maybe this will allow me to have a couple more minutes of sleep? I diligently check my phone. I have exactly 10 minutes before I need to be out the door and on the road to meet my running partner. I’m not only checking time, but messages. Maybe my running partner will decide to cancel today? That means I will get to go back to my warm bed. I am hopeful, but as the minutes pass, it seems more and more doubtful.

I keep the bathroom door ajar so that a small path of light shines out into the bedroom. In the dark, I root through my dresser looking for something to wear. I check the weather. It’s 29 degrees. I layer like an onion.

I lean in to give my husband a kiss goodbye and he grabs my arm and says, “Sleep.” I remind him that I am running and he says, “Okay, have fun, you’re crazy.”

I’ve been told this a few times before. I walk out the bedroom door and I turn on the light in the hall so that I can see the steps. I realize as I look down nothing that I’m wearing matches. I contemplate for one second whether or not I should change? I look at the time, it is 6:15 am. Nope, I’m not going to change.

I drive in the dark 15 minutes down the road to my running spot and enjoy the few more seconds of my warm car. As my running partner pulls up and parks, I know that going outside is going to be a rude awakening. I get out the car and am right. It is freezing.

Jodi and I exchange our morning hellos and follow with how each of us was almost ready to cancel that morning. We get to the path and start our run. It is still dark, but the sun is starting to peek through the trees. We catch up on each others lives and pretty soon, we are at our turning point.

As we turn around, we see the most amazing image possible- the sun. In a split second, it has turned from dawn to daylight. The sun is radiating through the leftover leaves on the trees glistening the creek to the right of us. The sounds of nature are ever more prevalent as the sun’s majesty has woken the animals. It is at this moment where we realize why it was well worth it to wake up at 6:00 am.


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