A Little Stir Crazy…

I caved. Yesterday after eight hours of trying to keep the excruciating pain in my neck at bay, I waved the white flag and made an appointment to see a chiropractor.

I always have mixed feelings about going to the doctor. I have no qualms about wanting to feel better, but I don’t like altering my lifestyle to do so. I knew I was rolling the dice, but after exhausting all my ‘go-to’ fixes (Advil, heat and ice), I had no other choice.

When the doctor walked in, I felt relieved. She was nice, put together and she appeared to be on my side. As she examined me, I gave her a rehearsed speech- starting with what was wrong while trying to downplay the pain. I told her that needed a quick tune-up. She laughed.

Note to self and others- when a doctor examines you and laughs, you are never in a good place. Then I heard the dreaded words that no avid runner ever wants to hear- NO EXERCISE FOR A WEEK. Call me crazy, but hearing these words hurt almost as much as the “classic torticollis” diagnosis.

As a last resort, I tried to ‘re-clarify’ this harsh : “When you say no exercise what you are really saying is no running, right?”

Again another chuckle. The writing was on the wall. She then went through and exhausted all of my potential exercise options. Crap, this was not the answer I hoped.

As we went over my treatment plan, she stressed Advil, ice and rest. Before I could comment she said, “I have faith in you for the first two, but asking you to sit still is going to be a challenge for you, huh?”

Yep, this lady had my card.


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