Everyone has a story to tell…

When I started this blog three years ago, I used it as a way to test out a new approach to fundraising while running a marathon  for Get On The Bus.  Not only was I able to reach this goal (and then some), but I also created a way to catalogue all the stories and the people who’ve moved me along the way.

Through this process, I realized that everyone has a story to tell even if they don’t know it at the time.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing stories to preserve these memories.  (I also find joy in re-reading some of my favorites.)

I had no idea how many doors and possibilities this blog has opened for me.  Most importantly, this blog has helped me find my voice and my style as a writer.  I’ve learned that not only do I like writing, but it has become one of my passions.  More importantly, I’ve learned that I really would like to take my writing to the next level and thus, it is time for me to embark on another journey…

You may know that I’ve been toying with writing a book chronicling my father’s story, which was the catalyst that brought me into the field of criminal justice and more specifically working with children with incarcerated parents.

Well, my friends, the time is now!  I’m proud to be announcing that I’ve started this journey and will be working with Lisa Tener, renowned Book Writing Coach.  Not only is Lisa amazing, but I was just interviewed for her website.  Check out my interview.

Do you have a story inside that you’ve been longing to tell?  If so, I have some great news. Lisa is offering many amazing discounts and offers to my readers and friends.  Not only can you access her Free Author Toolkit, but she is willing to giving you all 40% off her proven 8-week Bring Your Book to Life course.  She also has many other services (concept development, editing, seminars, etc.) She would be happy to talk with any of you. Please reach out to me and I can put you in touch with her.


  1. Lisa Tener

    Wow, Maria. Thanks for sharing about our work together. I so look forward to helping you write your books and bring them out into the world.

    • Maria

      Thanks Lisa. As do I! I can’t wait for the Bring Your Book to Life class and it is also great for me to be able to share the amazing work you are doing.

  2. Antoine Sullinger

    Very interesting points you have observed, regards for putting up.


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