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This morning was my final run before the big race on Sunday and I’m not totally sure how I feel about it.  In one sense, I am very happy to be finished with my training, as it is very hard to juggle marathon training with my job.  However, on the other hand, I am sad to have closed another chapter in my training career.  My run today was much the same.
When I woke up from last night’s birthday celebration, I definitely wanted to hit my alarm and go back to bed.  I actually almost did.  However, just as I went to reach for the snooze button, it dawned on me that this was the last time that I could safely squeeze in a run without risking overexerting my muscles before the big race.  Crap!  I hate it when logic ruins my own reality.  There would be no rest for the weary so up I went.
It was a rough start to the day, as I lost my earphones and the clock was ticking away.  I realized that it was so late that I may just have cave in and go without my music so I could get back in time to get ready for work.  At the last second, Joe found them on an unsuspecting place on the ground.  Things seemed to be turning around.
I went out in the crisp morning air and I felt great.  I thought about this being the last time I had to force myself to wake up to run and that excited me.  I even got a sense of wanting to go faster, which rarely happens.  Feeling great, I turned onto the hill on Vista and headed toward the entrance of Runyon Canyon. My Zune cued onto the Queen ballad, “We Are The Champions” and I lost it.  Big puddle-like tears dripped from my eyes and I was having a hard time controlling my sobs.  I became quite the scene at Runyon Canyon at 7:30 am.  Even though many people and dogs alike were gazing at me, I just didn’t care.  I realized at that moment what this all had meant to me.  Not only the experience of training for a marathon, but why I was training:
For Gigi- Your perseverance to do what is right even when the right choice is the hardest choice continues to feed me.  You are a strong and a beautiful woman and friend and I am happy that you will be on the sidelines cheering me on this weekend.
For Stella- No matter what, you brighten my day with your messages no matter how crazy life gets.  I am so happy that using my name has gotten you places as it has never gotten me anywhere. ;p
For Gennisse- Your story continues to inspire me.  I am so proud that our agency will be responsible for helping you to reunite with your father after 30 years.
For Andrea- You are the true definition of what this program does for people.  You have not only defied the odds set out for you, but you used a potentially damaging situation and turned it around so you could make a difference in the lives’ of children who have incarcerated parents.
For Bob Barker- Bob, I have learned through GOTB how to forgive and forget.  Even though you hurt my toe, we are okay in my book.  (What could make us better is a donation from you!) ;p 
For Sly Stallone- To my silent trainer, thanks for letting me have a sighting of you every time I run the marathon.  Don’t you worry, I will be playing the Rocky soundtrack on Sunday just for you!
For our volunteers and staff- GOTB could not run without your undying support.  Your commitment to the children really is making the difference in their lives’.
For my supporters- No matter whether you gave to me, followed this blog or sent me an e-mail of support, I appreciate all of you.  As I said before, it is so touching that some of you have decided to run your first races just by reading this.  Thank you!!
For Leanne- Thank you so much for being my copilot throughout this journey.  I am proud to be running by your side on Sunday.
For Joe- Thanks for not only mapping out all of my courses, but for being patient and understanding during this time consuming process.  You are the best and I love you!
For my dad-  You always have been and will continue to be my hero.  Thank you for teaching me all that I know about being a committed person and standing true to your beliefs.  No matter how society may label you, you will always be my dad.
For all children of incarcerated parents-  You are not defined by the mistakes that your parents made.  Don’t ever believe differently.  I believe in you so much that I will finish the 26.2 miles this weekend even if I have to hop on one leg to do it. 
Lastly, I would like to thank my Grandma, Aunt Diane, my cousin Eddie Howe, my former English teach Mrs. Dines, my friend Nabil Riaz, Rev. John Hartnett and my dentist Dr. Pema for your kind donations.  I am now only less than $400 away from my goal.  Keep my bus in motion.


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