The worst day of the year, becomes my day to commit?…

So this past Sunday was supposedly coined in the paper, “The Worst Day of the Year.”  Why might you ask?  Scientists and mathematicians have joined forces to calculate the average time people carry out their New Year’s Resolutions and Sunday was the day that they expired.  When I heard this at a party, I thought, “Wow, today would be a great day to start a resolution cause at least you could defy the odds of having broken it.”

So that’s what I’m doing.  Although I don’t feel ready to reveal my resolutions quite yet (as that would make them too real to me and I haven’t really thought through some of them yet), I also work best with accomplishing radical goals gradually.  However, I can say with confidence, get ready for some more running posts.  I have no idea what this means yet.  Truly, you sit here as informed as I so don’t go assuming I’m signing up for any ultras or marathons anytime soon.  However, I do know that my current sedentary state isn’t working for me.

What else can you get ready for?  Who knows?  The good news for you is I have many things that I can improve upon, the bad news is that I am having a hard time choosing.  Feel free to leave me some suggestions.  Looks like Lance the dog is the first as he is pushing my arm while I’m typing.  Maybe he wants less work and more play?  Will he get his wish?  Only time will tell.  Make it a great day. 🙂


  1. Anonymous

    Thanks maria for continuing to write! I know you aren't getting 1,000 comments on your posts, but we still come and read, even if we aren't commenting! keep up the good work!

  2. Maria Costanzo Palmer

    You are so welcome! I appreciate everyone who reads and even love it more when I get comments!! Thanks to everyone who keeps reading me.


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