To each, its own…

So, it’s a week after the L.A. Marathon and I feel like a bride post wedding.  For the past 5 months or so, my life has been training for this marathon and now it’s over.  I know in my previous blogs I talked about the anticipation of having my life back after the marathon and how great it would be to have a little extra free time.  Although I’ve gotten my wish, it is not as desirable as my reality.  However, how was I to know?

After my first marathon in December of 2008 from the moment I crossed the finish line, I vowed to my friend Jess, Joe and my mom and sister that I crossed this goal off my life list.  I was so done with running and to prove it, I put away all my gear and my shoes.  For a full year, I stopped working out and I didn’t even run a mile.  Not only did I not really miss it (so I thought at the time), I had no desire to run.  As far as I was concerned, the marathon was my encore and this show was over.

Coincidentally, after this same marathon, I also got violently ill for a couple of days from all the lactic acid build up in my body.  I also couldn’t move for at least a week because of how stiff I was.  In retrospect, this was probably partially my fault as we hoped into a car and drove for 8 hours back to LA shortly after I finished.   I also was dead set on going to work the next day, which I did, again another mistake.

I don’t know if I learned well from my mistakes or if each marathon is just a totally different ball game?  I can tell you one thing, this time around things were very different.  Yes, I still hated the last part of the marathon from about mile 17 on, no change in that.  However, once I got home and took a bath, my body miraculously didn’t hurt as much.  Even the next day, which I did take off, I was able to take a walk around the block with Joe.  By about Wednesday of last week, I started to get the running bug and Leanne did too.  On Wednesday night, we had a phone conversation and if you were a fly on the wall, you would have thought we hadn’t been running in years.  We talked about how much we missed running and we really feel that right now is the time to pick it back up.  Have I gone completely insane?

To couple it all, many of you have written me saying that you miss my blog entries.  One friend said, “When I read your blog, I feel like we are talking and you are telling me all your stories and it makes my day.”  Other people wrote saying that this story has just begun and I need to continue writing it to see where it goes.  Another one of my coworkers said, “We are just at the heart of everything, you can’t stop now.”  So, back by popular demand here it is, my blog alive and well.  Where will it go?  Who knows, but sounds pretty similar to life, right?  Since you are willing to give it a chance, so am I.


  1. Kimberly

    it has to stay alive (the blog)…how else will we cover our running adventures later this yr??

  2. Thad Holscher

    Rattling nice pattern and great subject material, nothing at all else we want :D.


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