Travel for the Soul…

Joe always jokes that I’m a homing pigeon. I like to stay within 5-10 miles of my home-base and not travel too far out of my comfort zone. Chalk it up to the fear of flying, my need for regularity, or just really being a homebody, but I always get the pre-travel jitters. It matters not where I’m going, but that I’m going.

I have to mentally prepare for trips a long time before (especially if flying is involved). This even translates to getaways to see family and friends, which even for me is hard to contemplate. Who gets nervous before going to see their loved ones? Yep, that would be me.

Thus, this entire week, I was stressed. We were leaving on Friday with not one, but two destinations- D.C. and Pittsburgh- two days and a little change in each location.

We embarked on the journey to DC on Friday night and in route I could feel my tension rise. We were on our way to stay with one of my best and oldest buds Sandra and would be attending the baby shower of another close friend. All things that shouldn’t have ruffled my feathers, but for some reason, I couldn’t contain my anxiety.

When we arrived in D.C. I was instantly calmed when we walked through the door of Sandra’s house. We arrived in one piece and it was just like old times seeing her and her husband Rob. We had a lovely two days there.

On Sunday morning, it all started again. As we were packing our car, I could feel the nervousness pumping through my veins. Our next stop was up to Pittsburgh to visit with my family. We arrived safe and sound and the sight of my parents and their cats took away the edge. Again, where did my nervousness come from? I have no idea. I know it isn’t/wasn’t rational, but that didn’t make it any less real.

What’s the lesson? It is easy to stay in your comfort zone and live live within your norm without venturing far. However, if you do this, you miss out on the adventures and the good times that could be. You will miss out good times and memory making. You will miss out on the love that might be waiting for you around the corner. So my friends, I challenge you all to do something this week that makes you feel just a little uncomfortable. Have a little faith, you just might be surprised.

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  1. Tanya Savko

    It sounds like you are doing a great job getting yourself outside of your comfort zone! My mom definitely has some difficulty with travel (mostly flying), and I know she goes through a lot to put herself out there too. Kudos to you, Maria!


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