We have two things to look forward to in here….

Our very own Get On The Bus regional coordinators Cece and Theresa had the opportunity to lead evaluation for the dads who participated in this year’s event.  In summary, Sr. Theresa said that one man stood up and said, “In here we have two things to look forward to in this place: 1. getting out  and 2. Get On The Bus.”

I wanted to share an e-mail reflection from Cece about the day and a poem from the men:

Hi everyone,
Yesterday we went in to CMC to do an evaluation with the dads. It was a beautiful day with lots of emotion… tears and laughter! I think it is one of the most powerful days in my own life each year: to listen to the dads and see that they all have hope is really moving.

They were so appreciative to all of you. On the west side, two of the men did a rap song about Get On The Bus to thank us. It was so cool!!!!!! We are hoping to record it this summer and have it be a part of the media used inside the prison to promote GOTB. On the east side, they gave us a huge card (up to my waist) that they had made to thank us for all that we have done. The front has caricatures of the dads inside the prison, holding a banner that says “Because of you”,with the officer at the guard tower asleep and when you open up the tri fold card the dad’s are all with their families with Get On The Bus shirts. The banner that they are holding says “Dreams do happen, thank you”. They all have huge smiles and there is a poem, it says:

“We must give thanks to Get on the Bus,

Cause they bring our children to us.

When we could see them no other way,

Their services are there to save the day,

It gives us a chance to feel like a dad,

And it’s the best Father’s Day we ever had.

Yes, we are in prison and away from our kids,

And having to keep our true feelings hid.

But on this special day we are not alone,

For we can see our kids even if they are grown.

We are with them as they laugh and play,

Cherishing every word they have to say.

It’s furnished tons at no cost,

Giving back the family we have temporarily lost.

So thank you deeply Get On The Bus,

We will never forget the day you brought our children to us… “


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