What a great show!

If you haven’t listened to tonight’s Scales of Justice show, you need go to and check it out. (As soon as it is up, I will post it).  Our guest was the renound expert on fatherhood and a personal friend of mine Dr. Ken Canfield. Ken helped to shape the way we think about fatherhood and has intensively studied the profound consequences of fatherless children. He has been a White House advisor on this issue and has written several books and articles surrounding the topic.  He has been featured on Oprah, World Nightly News and Good Morning America and now he can add the Scales of Justice to his list of media appearances ;p.

During our show, Ken delivered a powerful message not only to fathers, but to children of fatherless fathers- Every child needs to know that they are loved by their father. We discussed not only why children need to be involved in their fathers lives, regardless of where the father is, but we also discussed the many programs he runs that help to strengthen the father/child bond.

He gave some very interesting stats on fathers behind bars. Did you know that almost 75% of the men in prison did not have a positive male role model in their life growing up? This is a direct feeder into a reason why so many families are locked up intergenerationally.

Our conversation was not only informative, it was intruging and at times, it was emotional. One of the many great things about Ken is his spirit and his kind nature, which you can definitely sense over the airwaves.

Thanks so much for listening and look forward being with you all on air next month!

Maria 🙂


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