Carbo Loading with SPCDC Supporters…

So everyone knows one of the greatest things about running is eating.  It is the only time carbs become your hero and sodium your friend.  So why not package them all together in a fun-for-all gnocchi-making night?  My thoughts exactly!

For years now, Joe and I have donated an Italian cooking class featuring my family’s recipes as a fundraiser to support the SPCDC’s annual dinner event.  Every time, before we get ready to gather 6-8 strangers in a room and teach them Italian cooking techniques, I think, “What have I gotten myself into?  How will this all come together?  What if I mess up on the recipe or forget to bring ingredients?  What if there’s nothing to talk about?  What if the class flops?”

As with most things, our perceived negative thoughts are rarely the reality.  With several of these events under my belt, I’m happy to report that the opposite is true.  Chalk it up to gathering a bunch of socially-minded folks into a room, or just people’s inherent love of cooking and eating, gnocchi night gives just as much to us as we give to it.

This past Friday’s event was no exception.  I did all the prep work that I could in advance. When I jaunted off to the kitchen at St. Elizabeth’s Church in Ridgewood, our gracious host for the evening, my heart started to beat a bit faster.  Only when Joe and I set up the room and finished the last of the pre-prep work was I finally able to take some deep breaths.

As my students for the night, all qualified cooks, started to filter in, your anxiety abated completely. In front of me, were three lovely women who were completely excited and enthused about the cooking journey we were about to embark on.  We exchanged hellos and got right into the task at hand and things just started to flow in a way that you can’t rehearse.  The cooking started to come together and we were also graced with the presence of another male participant.  Food and fellowship flowed freely during the class.

As we completed the cooking and sat down for a meal enjoying our cooking accomplishments, we got into a wonderful conversation of how we were all introduced to the SPCDC, and some really incredible stories came out.  I realized these folks were far from strangers, they were like-minded people who were moved by the good works the SPCDC does in our backyard.  In a world that can be so isolating, there are always people and things that help us to come together and be united.  I am blessed to have many of these networks surround me, and as a direct result, I am able to brush shoulders with some truly wonderful people.    Thank you to all of you who support good causes like the SPCDC in a myriad of different ways. Through volunteer service, financial support, coming to events and sharing the good word, you are helping to further our mission and we couldn’t do it without you.


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