New Year, New Chances?

I was asked the other day how much I write on my blog and how I come up with all the different things I want to say?  I am not really one to be at a loss for words (just ask my husband); however, this question really struck me.  The answer came out honestly and organically as I responded, “I just know.”

The person politely smiled and nodded.  I wasn’t sure if they had somewhat grasped my answer or just thought I was a real jerk in answering that way.  However, it is the truth.  I have no idea when or what I am going to write on this thing.  Something just speaks to me. 

I couldn’t help but bring to light all the recent news articles surrounding second chances.  I am not sure if it is the holiday season or the coming of the New Year, but it is all over the place.  I have read a great article in the New York Times about Daddy Read for Me, a Riker’s Island program that has men read to their children.  Then read the Washington Post about Obama’s praise to the Philadephia Eagle’s for Michael Vick’s second chance and now today on Yahoo about the two sisters from Jackson, Miss. being pardoned with the condition that one sister will donate a much needed kidney to the other after the two were sentenced to life in prison for a robbery that yielded $11 dollars. 

All of this reading has really got me thinking, why I am not reading more of these stories?  Where are these stories throughout the rest of the year?  Yes, it is good to feel good during the holidays, but shouldn’t we strive to do that the other 364 days of the year?  Why do we only look at human side of stories when the season calls for it?  Why not look at humanity all throughout the year? 

Call me an eternal optomist or one with my head a little in the clouds, but what I will miss most about the holiday season passing is our ability to report on stories that actually have a happy ending.  As the year comes to a close, I invite you to reflect on all the stories that moved you this past year and to carry those stories with you as a head start to your New Year.  Happy New Year to all!

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